Kalba trading Organization has always believed in its dreams, which are the harbinger of a collective and glorious future. With a strong strategy planning, the group is ready to stride into the future. Our aim is to consolidate market leadership and chart out new routes of expansion by strengthening our position in the global market.


Assured Quality -

Shipments are been guaranteed to meet contract specifications through use of an extensive in-house and third party laboratory network. We have our own dedicated quality control team which, enable us to deliver assured quality to our clients. All export consignments are being checked by our own quality control team and been tested from third party inspection as well.


Efficient Logistics -

We have presence in almost all geographies in India and this diversifies a significant advantage of where we use our logistics chain in avoiding bottlenecks in supply. We fill the gaps between key origins and destinations with smooth operations.

Time Bound Services

Through assured and controlled third party processing facilities our products at every shipping port are being cleaned, sortexed and packaged/ repacked to match customer specifications, thereby enabling us to deliver tailor-made products/services to our clients.

Personalized Service

We have developed creative, efficient and custom- tailored solutions to satisfy our customers by providing them first hand information about market. We also share the market information to our customers on daily basis to enable them to plan and position accordingly.

Future Outlook:


Kalba trading is confident about tomorrow. Behind our future plans lies our deep understanding of the changing market realities. This helps in providing quality and valuable services to our customers through efficient procurement of grains, food products.

We plan to launch ‘Kalba trading’ food products by the end of this year along with commencing the trading of rice products (Basmati Rice & Non-Basmati Rice) from our first retail outlet in  Dubai (UAE).

Our tag line – “Kalba trading- Healthy Grains” speaks our vision of ‘Healthy People Healthy Nation’. In future we aim to expand our presence in entire Dubai city and other cities of Dubai by the financial year 2018-19. By 2020, we aim to make our presence in the Global market.